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Booster Tower (Super Mario RPG)

Booster Tower (Super Mario RPG)

I’ve spoken of the Mushroom Kingdom before, and I am certain that I am not the first person from whom you’ve heard of it, but there is a wider world outside of its boundaries than is often discussed.  That’s the thing about adventuring: if you want to explore a multitude of places, you won’t be able to discover the entirety of any one world.  The lands around the Mushroom Kingdom include waterfalls, forests, a number of diverse towns, a volcano, a city in the clouds, and even a hill that seems to reach into outer space itself.  There are a great many sentient species in this world and an even greater amount of adventures to be had here.

Booster Tower is a tall structure erected by the assumedly wealthy Booster family, a long lineage of strange bearded folk.  They’ve been known to be rather… let’s say eccentric.  Throughout the place, you’ll see strange marvels of architecture, bizarre substitutes for staircases, and children’s toys of all shapes and sizes, which is odd, since only the current Booster and his Snifit servants live there.  On second thought, I suppose that someone with little to no contact with the outside world might develop a bit of a childish mentality, even late into life.  At any rate, the tower is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

The exterior is covered with thick, lush greenery, most of which extends no further than tall shrubbery, though there are a few palm trees interspersed throughout.  From the entrance, it looks as though the builder had trouble deciding whether to build a barn or a silo, so he or she built a barn in the shape of a silo.  The deep wood gives off a pleasant glow, and there’s something oddly enchanting about the X-shaped designs on the exterior and the tall pillars that seem to function as an embedded support structure.  Even the oddly rounded shape of the door does much to draw the viewer in, and it features a little oval-shaped slot for one to see through from the inside.  The gray paved path leading right up to the door passes by a “Welcome” sign, though to me, the scenery is welcoming enough.

Upon entry, you’re greeted by a pleasing yellow and dark green checkerboard tiled floor.  With few exceptions, every bit of floor space is covered with this tile.  In this grand lobby, there is a desk, which I imagine is for visitors to check in.  Behind the desk is a strange vertical room with a seesaw, and to the side is a group of seemingly airborne platforms that serve as stairs, which lead higher into the tower.  Along the upper level of this room is a set of portraits of the Booster lineage.  In the midst of these sets of stairs is a room with a set of train tracks high off the ground, upon which a large toy train occasionally passes.  At the bend, there is a stack of what look like gigantic blue and golden yellow building blocks.  After this room, the stairs continue on for a little while longer.

Further on, there is a room that has a curtained-off area at its zenith.  Entering this concealed area causes one to look and feel rather strange in a manner that is difficult to describe.  After a three-tiered room in which the strange building blocks function as stairs and another legitimate staircase, there is a hallway of portraits of the Booster lineage, which has a door to a seemingly empty room, used for training wild animals as pets.  After this hallway is a tall, vertical obstacle course, followed by even more stairs, which eventually lead to a room with a birdcage, a toy box, and a balcony, from which the view is nothing short of breathtaking.

I remember when I first heard of Booster Tower, back in the days of my youth.  It was from an adventurer who had just been to that part of the world, and he showed me a few photographs of this glorious structure.  From that very moment, all I could think about was going there myself.  By the time I had gotten there, it had been remodeled a bit, but it was no less satisfying to finally explore this mysterious place.  Perhaps you’ll feel the same as you retread some of my old ground and recall the many pictures I’ve shown you from my adventures.  I hope that some of the places I’ve shown you are enticing enough to coerce you to visit them, but never be afraid to seek out new worlds as well.  Pleasure lies both in revisiting old memories and making new ones, for some day, the new memories will become old treasures.

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