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Bubble Man (Adventures of Bass)

Bubble Man (Adventures of Bass)

The futuristic world of robots is the source of a great many dreams of mine.  In this case, it was the region that I visited during my second trip that entered my mind.  As usual, it twisted and warped, this time both in color and in configuration.  The objects were all quite familiar, however.  This was likely my favorite dream of the region in question; the colors were more beautiful than in any other dream I’d had of it before.  While most dreams are met with disappointment upon my awakening, this time, it actually hurt to think that I might never see it again.

While it is rare for an entire dream of mine to be extraordinarily beautiful throughout, at least half of this particular one was absolutely stunning in ways that would’ve made me feel faint had I seen it in person.  The forest’s trees were of an unusual color even for those of late autumn.  The cavern where energy crystals are mined flashed with so many beautiful colors that overtook even its rock walls.  The factory was clad in bold colors, while maintaining its darkness.  The area I’d like to discuss today, though, is the hydroelectric dam.

The material that comprised the dam in my dream was of a shade of blue that is difficult to describe.  The waters that flowed through it were of an orange that had a pinkish hue to it; it was one of the most stunning colors I’d seen, almost like a melon color, but fleshier than salmon.  The foam coming from the cascades ranged from pale orange to a flame-like color; all I could do for quite some time was stare in awe.  I made my way across the outcroppings as usual, reaching the falling platforms, which were now a dark bluish-green.  The water had not risen quite so high in my dream, so I had to descend a bit further than usual to reach an area in which I could get wet.

As I slipped into the glorious waters, I took some more time to admire their wonderful color.  The blue material appeared lighter in the water, but still very much a pale blue, which was strange; I thought that the water would paint it differently, but this was a dream, after all.  The urchin-like spheres were even more persistent, so I had to be careful; luckily, I’m quite an accomplished swimmer!  I descended through the dangerous twisting path, allowing myself to become more and more lost in the unnatural wonder of my surroundings.

When I finally reached the bottom, I was treated to one of those gigantic mechanical prawns that inhabit the real-world counterpart, though this one was periwinkle with pale pink highlights.  The large mechanical angler fish was the same color, and no less glorious a spectacle.  I headed through the open areas, passing some of the mechanical jellyfish; their circuitry was too small to accurately pinpoint as any one color, but I could tell that they were different.  I followed the twisting path, and eventually emerged from the waters, taking a moment to wring out the wettest parts of my clothing.

Out here, there were crabs in the same bluish-green as the falling platforms, and made my way past them.  I eventually reached the end, which had the same netting as in the real world, but with a different look to it.  It was the exact same color, but here, it did not match the water, so it had a great deal of contrast, making quite a stunning pattern.  The last chamber was filled with much the same, and it was a pattern for which I’ve truly not the words to describe how it made me feel.

I have very few recurring dreams, and the ones that do occur multiple times do not do so very frequently.  They do, however, have common elements.  One common element is water that is completely black, but crystal clear; another is everyday objects and creatures taking on the physical features of some of the more horrifying seafaring arthropods.  I suppose that, in this context, it stands to reason that one of the most beautiful areas in a dream I’ve had about an adventure would be in the aquatic locale.  There seems to be an inextricable fascination with the deep ocean in my mind.  There are many likely reasons for that, but such things are best saved for another time…

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