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Candy Constellation (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Candy Constellation (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Today’s area takes place within a world inside something known as the Amazing Mirror.  This mirror is a gateway to another world, though one of illusion.  Many say it is a reflection of the mind of its creator.  Others believe it to be a reflection of the mind of the mysterious force imprisoned within it.  Whatever its origin, this virtual landscape is broken into 9 basic areas and its core.  The areas are all interconnected, and many treasures lie within them.  It is a truly massive place to explore, and a very easy place to get lost, and I don’t just mean losing one’s sense of direction.

Candy Constellation is a world within the stars; an unusual place that, despite being in outer space, has a breathable atmosphere, complete with clouds.  The sky paints these clouds in gradients of yellow, pink, purple, and dark blue.  You can faintly see the stars through them, suggesting a thinner atmosphere.  The inhabitants get around on what looks like strange, orange and teal scaffolding.  This structure is held up by many teal pillars, some of which have ornate designs, the likes of which I’d never seen before.  Entering from the magic mirror brings you to its main entrance, so to speak, from which you can head in two main directions: down and up.

To head down, will take you in a loop that brings you right back to the main entrance, but it’s a trip worth taking.  One of the most beautiful natural features here, the floating lakes can be found in this loop.  You can barely see a light blue reflection on the surface of their waters; they are crystal clear.  With the large air bubbles within them, one could theoretically spend days floating within one, staring at the blazing sky in the distance.  Another part of this loop leads into an area of space that features both a purple glow and a glorious view of the blue planet below.  Many speculate as to the nature of this planet, and some believe it to be nothing more than an illusion.

Taking the upside of the loop brings stellar wayfarers to a space station, looming high above the loop.  Unlike the previous areas, it is mostly teal, and has light purple walls with a pleasing hexagonal pattern.  There are several bubble-shaped windows, through which one can gaze into the stars around and the red nebular haze below.  It has the cozy feel of a galactic tree house, a structure of which I’m rather fond, as you can tell by my residence in this attic.  Traveling up high enough brings one to another area devoid of walls, which gives an even better view of outer space.  The structural style returns to that of the lower areas.

Traveling higher still brings one to a warp star, which can be ridden to the uppermost section of Candy Constellation.  The atmosphere inexplicably returns here, making for a satisfying climb.  There are many recreational areas up here, such as the racetrack, a long, hilly stretch of the aforementioned scaffolding that’s perfect for either racing or performing stunts.  At the very zenith is a chamber of brown rock, which has only two walls.  It is truly the perfect place for sky gazing.

So, while the atmosphere is a bit thin, and the journey is arduous, ascending the structure is both a grand adventure, and the perfect way to spend a day sightseeing.  Its cosmic beauty is unmatched anywhere else in outer space.  It truly is a shame that many cannot reach it, since it is merely an illusion within the mirror.  It may be difficult to get out of the mirror world once you enter, but there’s always the chance that you won’t want to leave.

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