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Crash Man (Rockman 2nd)

Crash Man (Rockman 2nd)

As you know by my constant ravings, I have had many dreams of the futuristic world of robots. Some of my favorite dreams have been of my second trip, but more recently, I have had one of the third trip that rivals even those. This was a dream that altered quite a bit, both in terms of visuals and structure. My trials were both challenging and engaging; the kind of stimulation that brings lonely desire upon realizing that it was only a dream. Still, I am grateful to have had this experience, and I will always have my memories.

Today’s dream has its roots in my second trip to this world. As in many dreams, while there were a few places of interest, they were not visually diverse enough to warrant one of our meetings. There were, however, a few places worth noting, such as the substitutes for the skyway, the mine, the foundry, the forest, and the castle. Some had even changed very wildly; the foundry, for one, had become some kind of water treatment plant. The most spectacular, though, was the construction site.

I landed, oddly enough, at the top; it seemed as though I would be traveling backward this time. Also unlike my trip in the physical world, it was night, and the stars seemed to sparkle in a way that I could hear. Their pale reds, whites, and blues, sounded halfway between a crackle and a wind chime. The indescribable squiggles were now a lovely green color, and the pipes and globes were yellow with just the slightest hint of orange. I snaked downward along the pipes, and dropped down to the next area.

I found myself on a ladder, the color of which matched the pipes and globes. Just beneath me was a number of powder blue spheres that were covered in spikes. It was clear that they were deadly, but when I dropped to safer ground, I leaned over the edge just to stare at them. I could not quite put my finger on it, but something about them seemed almost ethereal, like they were just a shadow; not really there. Deciding not to test out this theory, I moved onward into an open area.

I was at the spot where the moving platforms followed along the tracks. Surprisingly, the path was exactly the same, though there were obstacles – some deadly – along this simple rectangle. It seemed like I should have been able to squeeze through the small pathway and circumvent the whole thing, but that was simply not the case. I made my way across, and descended the ladder. The second path was much the same as in the physical world, but even more dangerous! I had to get off of and onto the moving platform several times, waiting for it to pass through tricky spots. I dropped into what seemed like torture; the third path was just as complicated as ever, but was now over a floor comprised almost entirely of those deadly spheres. There were, however, few obstacles, if any, along the way, so I simply jumped onto the platform at a good time, admiring its pale blue color, and entered the hole in the wall.

I strolled along a lengthy bridge, taking time to watch and listen to the stars above. Curiously, rather than filling the whole sky, they seemed to stop at a certain elevation, leaving total blackness below. Also strange – well, perhaps to you; it makes total sense to me – is the change in the sound that they were making, since the red stars were not present here. I soon found myself falling, bringing me very close to the spheres. As I descended wildly out of control, columns of them came closer and closer. Quickly and carefully making my way in between them, I came to a place where the only remaining column made the shape of an L, so I guided my body to a less murderous perch. I had to slip directly under this to another, and then leapt into the void once again.

This is where the dream became very dreamlike; I found myself falling through abject darkness, passing strange objects as I descended. One such structure was a few platforms with a chain of spheres curled in a spiral attached to them. I came to a long stretch of platforms with a ladder, which I descended, falling even further. The next structure that even came close to solid was a long platform with a gap in the center. I looked down into it, noticing two diagonal threads of spheres that came together in a V shape as they went downward. I took a deep breath and jumped.

It seems that the V was incomplete, leaving me to land on a very tiny platform. From here, I leapt down once again, falling past a track with no platform. I fell past more tracks, some of which were blue, but none of which had a moving platform. When I hit something solid, there were a ton of empty tracks, but it seemed that I had landed upon a very long pipe. The tracks were tied to this pipe with some kind of chain, but it was curious; the chain went straight up, and had no slack. Perhaps these tracks had some kind of propulsion or had reverse gravity, and had to be chained down. What made even less sense is that only one of the tracks had chains attached to it. Unable to process what I was seeing, I ran along the pipe and the various green squiggles until I reached the control chamber, and then, I moved on to the next site.

It should be obvious, since they are the creation of the mind, that dreams can be influenced by outside sources. Though they are generally influenced by one’s experiences, I find it fascinating that dreams might be influenced by others’ conceptions of dreams, themselves! For example, falling is not a common element in my dreams, but it is common in dream sequences on television shows. Having seen that had evidently influenced a dream of my own. Also intriguing is that something surreal had become even moreso after being influenced by the mundane. Truly, the mind is a fascinating thing!

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