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Crystal Man (Mega Man 5)

Crystal Man (Mega Man 5)

There is a world much like our own, but with technology greater than ours.  Nature still exists within this world, but there are many high-technology facilities, and androids with fairly advanced artificial intelligence.  As is to be expected, the people of this world have relied so much upon technology, they’ve become enfeebled, so more technology needs to be involved to solve all of society’s many ills.

In this world, there is a massive quarry constructed entirely of a special type of crystal that produces energy.  Many machines have been set up there to utilize this energy to meet the massive energy needs involved in the manufacture and maintenance of the many sophisticated constructions of this world.  Since technology begets technology, an intricately constructed subterranean facility was erected to control the output levels of the crystals’ energy, so as to provide enough power to the cities without overloading them.  This facility stretches deep into the very planet itself.

I arrived outside of the facility at the later part of dawn, when the skies were of a washed-out turquoise.  I noticed many tall tubes with machinery within them lined the quarry in the distance as a light cloud drifted by overhead.  I stood atop a large mass of crystal, pulsating with a dark and light blue glow.  The rhythmic nature of the pulsation seemed to send waves of color rippling through the ground beneath me.  I headed in a bit, and dropped down a shaft into the first chamber of the facility.

Though I found it strange that there was no formal entrance, I was entranced by the dark blue-purple walls behind me.  The walls themselves were covered in crystals, and many tubes ran straight up through the ground above me.  There were conductors embedded in the walls around me, which seemed to separate the crystals’ energy into two types; each was the same color as a pulsation of the crystals: one type dark blue, the other type light blue.  I could barely comprehend the science behind the technology, but I was certainly taken by the vision.  I dropped through the next shaft into a more open subterranean area.

This area looked like the outside, but the backdrop was an open cavern, rather than open skies.  In this area, there were chutes that dropped crystals into pits beneath them; it was likely some sort of mining system.  I climbed the ladder at the end, bringing me to a different subterranean area, this one a bit different from the previous.  There was a bright pink glow in the distance, and it was reflected in the crystals’ pulsations.  Whether it was actually a product of their energy-bearing properties, or a reflection of some distant power source is beyond me, but it was no less a spectacular vision.  This area also had the crystal-dropping chutes, as well as some horizontal tubes with lights in them, which seemed to be some sort of testing devices.  I made my way to the end, climbed up to an aboveground area, then dropped back down again.

Down into this man-made area were strange structures embedded within the walls.  They looked like portholes, but were hooked up to hoses that were connected to the walls.  Their purpose was one I could not begin to guess, so I dropped a bit further in.  Down here were large mechanical towers with a honeycomb-shaped series of lights, none of which were lit up.  These may have been energy cells, used to regulate excess, though it would be strange to have none, unless the facility’s operators had become exceedingly efficient at their jobs.  I dropped down a long shaft, and made my way into a room that had an exit, taking me back out of the facility to continue my adventures.

Sometimes it seems incredible that we can find something in nature that serves our purposes more than adequately.  It is not unreasonable to expect a piece of technology to perfectly fit a need, since it was designed for that very purpose, but to find something in nature, formed with no higher purpose intended, that perfectly serves to fill a niche is remarkable.  It can really tempt a mind to believe in a higher power, one that knows the future, and either wishes to aide us on our quest for greater technology, or destroy us by having us rely on it all the more.  While I, personally, neither believe that the future can be seen, as it has yet to exist, nor subscribe to such philosophies of rigid cosmic structure, it would be presumptuous of me to do any less than allow you to find that answer on your own.

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