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Di Bogor (Mega Man in Java Island)

Di Bogor (Mega Man in Java Island)

When I dream of the futuristic world of robots, I am sometimes transported to places in this world.  Most of these places are somewhere in the nation of Indonesia, which is a very interesting manifestation indeed.  Indonesia is an unusual nation from a geographic standpoint, because it is comprised of a number of different islands, rather than being just one landmass.  The nation’s capital is Jakarta, which is situated upon the island of Java.  Though it is inexplicable, because I have never been there in person, this dream takes place on that very island.

Though I traveled to a number of different parts of Java in this dream, the one in particular that stood out was a small village.  I saw a sign upon entering that said something like “Di Bogor”.  When I awoke later, I spoke to an Indonesian friend of mine; she told me that di means something like in, on, or at.  I assume the sign to have been telling me that I had entered a place called Bogor, and shall henceforth refer to it as such.  Bogor was unlike any island village that I had ever seen before.

I was walking across what appeared to be brown stone pillars, which had a wooden fence that spanned their tops.  These fences were made of a bright green wood, and stood about chest-high.  There were small, puffy clouds that were the same color, accentuating the blue sky quite beautifully.  This all set the stage for a quiet village with a beauty that mixed the unearthly with the mundane, but there was something more to this landscape.  The brown stones would pulsate a purple color that I could not explain.

I began my journey, soon reaching a canopy with a thatched roof.  The dark brown parts of the wood supporting this canopy pulsated purple in unison with the stone towers beneath me, as though there were some sort of energy flowing through everything.  Nearby was a palm tree that was very tall and thin.  Its coloration was identical to that of the fence posts, thereby explaining their strange coloration.  I encountered a series of pillars that grew progressively taller – acting as makeshift stairs – and from them grew thick bamboo of the same bright green color, though it was much thicker than the palm trees.

Eventually, I came to an unusual area that appeared to be under construction.  Some of the platforms were of a wire frame, and some were blocks with patterns that did nothing to tell me of their function.  These both pulsated a number of different colors; the blocks of indeterminate nature had the same coloration as the stone towers, while the wire frame went from orange to bright green.  At the end of a line of these, I came to a large section of chain link fence, which matched the wire frame, and pulsated in unison with it.  Climbing across was rather dangerous, but I soon reached more wire frames, which were much sturdier ground.

After traversing a small wire frame labyrinth, I came to more pillars with the mysterious blocks still overhead.  After I got out from underneath them, I encountered a new twist on a previous element: the bamboo was so tall and thick here that it looked like some sort of natural screen.  It was not quite deep enough to be a forest, but was certainly a place where I could  conceal myself from onlookers.  Things began to blend more and more as I progressed; chain link fences arose from behind stone pillars and more bamboo curtains were present, some of which had thicker stalks.  I headed under some more wire frames, and eventually reached one of the typical mechanical gates; this one pulsated with different colors, just like nearly everything else in this village.  I headed inside, and took some time to admire the corridor; it was made of wire frame and had a small chain link fence inside, which all went quite well together.

I have been told by an aura reader that when I dream, I often take a little walk.  I have certainly visited nearby locations across a number of time periods that ocurred throughout my life, but it is very unusual for me to go somewhere that I have never physically been.  These places always look diffent in dreams, and she told me that what I am seeing is their true form.  What I believe that she meant by this is that this is expressed in a sort of extreme psionic-to-sight synaesthesia.  I pull in all sorts of information, which is expressed visually, such as a pulastion possibly representing a powerful life force running through a land.  Of course, they are dreams, after all, and perhaps there is no true meaning to their unusual nature.  Because only you know your own mind, only you have any hope of interpreting your dreams, and even that is difficult because they exist in a space with neither either logic nor context.  My advice regarding dreams would be to enjoy them while they last, remember them after they have disappeared, and waste no time agonizing over their significance.

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