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E3 2012 – Nazifpour’s General Thoughts

E3 2012 – Nazifpour’s General Thoughts

Well, E3 was over today. Our friend Mike posted his recap of the events and the events and here I want to summarize my own take on the event.

No New Consoles: First off, I’m just happy no new console was announced. I’m not done with this generation, and my wallet agrees. PS3 and Xbox360 still work and support all the games, and we really need to slow it down in general as well.

Wii U Is Stupid: Of course, we learned a lot about Wii U, which is even a more annoying invention than Nintendo’s last one. For some reason people think it’s a good idea to take your eyes off the video game and look at a tablet in your hand while you’re playing. That doesn’t kill the tension in anyway. They thought taking their original DS idea and making it bigger is a good idea. They forgot that those screens were beside one another. And then they thought introducing Miiverse is a good idea, which isn’t, because we don’t want to be on all the time, and we don’t want our console to function as social media. Again, nothing kills the tension of gaming like suddenly some random child yelling at you in the middle of your single player game. Of course, Nintendo has been dead to me since GameCube, although it was once a company I loved and admired.

Violence: A trend which was really evident is the prevalence of violent games. It seems that the industry is moving to get more and more violent this year and the next. Many series not particularly known for violence have become so, or those known for violence are now even more violent. The first Splinter Cell wasn’t violent at all, the enemies didn’t bleed and killing wasn’t encouraged. This has changed in Conviction, but Blacklist is even more brutal.  MGS was always violent but now you can slice up the enemies and turn them to pieces. Tomb Raider was never known for its violence and many were shocked when Lara shot that arrow through the throat of that guy. Darksiders, Hitman, COD, and the newly announced franchises- especially Last of Us, Beyond, Sleeping Dogs and Watch Dogs are going to be equally violent. So in short, I think this year could be called the year of violence. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know. I love violence, but still, violence can be juvenile. So is the industry moving towards more maturity or less? We have to wait and see.

That's not ketchup on her body.

Ellen Page: And a strange thing about this year is that the girl in Last of Us looks like Ellen Page, and she is playing a role in the game Beyond. This year we were reminded of her many times.

Disappointments: No mention of four games I was looking forward to. The Last Guardian was hushed, and the future of the project seems to be dangling in the sky. No Half Life 3 either, it seems perfectionism is destroying another title as well. No news of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Psychonauts 2 as well. The second might seem a bit too ambitious a wish- but I had a wrong hunch we would hear of that this year.

Recap: So E3 serves as another prologue to another gaming year. It might not be as impressive as the last years, but it’s going to be a fine year. Many of hard-core gamers like me have been singing the end of the world blues for video games, but to me, people and genres come and go but the games will always be. Next year we have played most of these games and we will know if our enthusiasm was misplaced or not, and there will new games we’ll be looking forward to. The show will go on.

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