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Faery Realm (Folklore)

Faery Realm (Folklore)

I once visited a town by the name of Doolin, which exists on a small, rainy island. The town is incredibly small, and on the surface, seems like a sleepy place where nothing ever happens. However, at night, when everyone goes to bed, the spirits come out to play. I am uncertain as to whether the townsfolk were unaware of them, or just tight-lipped, but if there was anything to learn about these spirits, I would have to figure it out for myself. Putting aside their mundane lives, I began my search.

At night, I visited the henge, where there was an incredible amount of spiritual energy. Giving it something to evoke a memory, I opened a gate to another world of spirits, but not here at the henge. Following the source of the energy, I found myself in front of an old lighthouse, where there was the most magnificent thing. It looked a bit like a vascular butterfly of many colors, but continually changed shape. Filled with wonder, I approached and was absorbed into it; this thing was apparently a gate to the Faery Realm.

The Faery Realm is the first layer of the Netherworld, where spirits tread. Behind me was a field of bluish light with a prismatic flower in its center, which could not only heal me, but also transport me to other flowers that had tasted my spiritual energy, or back to Doolin. I was in a tangled forest, the colors of which were too numerous to adequately describe. Everything had a vague pinkish-purple glow to it, and intricate patterns of roots stretched along the road. Little flecks of light danced through the air; I could tell by how they felt that they were spirits. The sky above was bathed in a pale red color, which cast its glow upon everything. I headed down the road before me, entering a tunnel surrounded by purple leaves.

I soon came to an intersection, where I turned, leading me to a dead end. In here, however, was a beautiful scene filled with foliage and crystals. I returned to the intersection, going straight this time. Eventually, I reached a faery village, where the little houses were all hollow trees. Toward the other end of the village, I saw tall purple plants that had little bells of light for flowers. Their stalks were purple, red, yellow, and green, which went together better than I’d have imagined. Further on was a pale tree covered in rose vines, which made a lovely contrast. I went around to the other side of the tree and left the village.

All of a sudden, I was in a large field of flowers as far as the eye could see. Most were pinkish-red, but purples and yellows dotted the landscape, as well. The sky above was simply ablaze, the clouds taking on a yellow color. I made my way through this beautiful clearing into a smaller one, surrounded by rocks. Through a small canyon from here was another clearing, this one having rock spires erupting from the ground. The tips of these rock spires had a bright blue glow to them, which had almost distracted me enough to miss seeing the elusive creatures living here. By the time I’d reached this clearing, they had left, so I took one of the two available paths.

Down this path, I came to a smaller village at a dead end, which, while lovely, gave me no choice but to head back to the clearing and go the other way. This brought me to a somewhat swampy area. The dominant palette here was blue, with some green on the ground; a prismatic flower was present, as well. I headed forward, reaching a path that twisted upward around a tree, keeping me high and dry. Through here was a dark section of forest, and after I’d found my way through that, I was under another blazing sky.

Here was the kingdom of the faeries, where the lord resided in his castle. Tall grasses stood all around, evoking the image of a twilit marsh. The castle itself had a portal that looked like a big heart, complete with vessels, and several lanterns glowing magenta hung from the branches of the tree that housed it. I headed up the steps, which laughed as I tread upon them – more creepy than endearing – but there was a guard denying my way, so I headed out the back of the village, past another prismatic flower. I came to another heavily wooded area, where spirits were dancing in some sort of strange ritual. I slipped by undetected, but hit a road block; it looked like some sort of glowing pink coral, and I could not get through it. I made my way back to the castle and used the prismatic flower to get back to Doolin.

Strange, beautiful worlds exist all over the universe, but some exist upon our own planet, on another plane of existence. The methods for reaching these places are difficult and mysterious, so they have not yet been discovered by most, and are believed by many not to even exist. Over time, as the stories of these places are forgotten, so are the locations, themselves. However, that does not mean that they cease to be; these worlds go on and on, regardless of our interaction or awareness. This idea may seem foreign to many, who think of their world as the places that they’ve seen, but life goes on everywhere, falling trees make sounds, and creatures of all sorts are born, live, and die, and we’re completely blind to it all.

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