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Game of Thrones: A Wishlist

Game of Thrones: A Wishlist

I am a huge fan of George R. R. Martin and his epic fantasy books A Song of Ice and Fire. To me they are the greatest works of fantasy I have read (and I have read enough). The HBO series based on the novels is a great TV series and I only wish it wasn’t more popular than the books, because ultimately they derive all their worth from the books. Now there is a video game. I wouldn’t say the game is bad- the story is awesome, but it’s not great, and it doesn’t rise to the standards of its great franchise. Because of the success of the game and the show, there will inevitably be more games in the future, and there are some things I think could be done to improve the game. Not that any one listens to me, but that has never stopped me from talking.

A screenshot of the game.

1) Fully customizable characters: The game grants us the control of two characters with fixed looks, past, and story. I say it would be awesome if we could experience our own story within the game. So grant us the ability to fully create a customizable character, like BioWare or Bethesda. Let us determine its gender, its place of origin (From Westeros [north, south], Summer Isles, etc) its religion, its background (noble, commoner, etc). Then let us choose whether he’s sarcastic, honorable, deceptive, a sellsword, whatever. Nothing will beat the experience of creating your own champion in the universe of AsoIaF.

2) More open world: The chapter structure of the game is limiting. Let us roam the world of Westeros and its neighboring countries for free. Let there be many different factions we can join (Stark, Lannister, etc). Let there be an abundance of side-quests. Let there be 500 hours of gameplay. In this game, we only experience a limited area of the world. It would be great to be free to spend a lot of time in the rich lands.

3) More complex classes: The classes and the upgrade system of the game is fine, but I would prefer a more flexible system. Right now you choose a class and then that’s it, you have to decide all your abilities based on that. I think a more intricate system where you could choose your own range of abilities would be great.

4) The main story line should be the same as the novels: Yes, right now the story of the game really does take place in the world of Westeros, and main plot does cross paths with the main plot of the story, but in the end it is its own story. I think it would be great if we could experience the plot of the story firsthand. Not that we have the ability to change it, no, that would be bad. Just give us the ability to be a character in the main events.

5) More main characters: In this game we meet Joer Mormont, Cersei, and Varrys. So where are other great characters? Let us meet them all, and accept main and side missions from all of them.

6) Don’t limit yourself to the first book: Let the time-span include all the five books that are published so far, from A Game of Thrones to A Dance with Dragons. To hell with those who have only watched the series

7) More intricate NPC interactions: Right now the dialogues and the NPC interactions are really REALLY limited. Let us have long and complicated dialogues. I want to talk to Ned and Tyrion and Asha. I want to feel I’ve known them in person.

8) Sex scenes: I want to have sex with Daenerys, Cersei, Asha, Shae, Brienne, Ser Loras, and every whore at Chataya’s. The Witcher 2 styled ones. And with all of them. In that order, and then all the other possible orders.

To get your imagination going.

9) Let me join the Faceless Men: What, you need a reason for that?

10) Better graphics: That is the weakest point of this game. The graphics look as if they could work on PS2. Come one guys, we know it’s an RPG but you could manage a more beautiful world.

11) Don’t let GRRM write it: It would take him a decade to finish the script and then The Winds of Winter would come out in 2030.

12) Let me be able to fight, but not necessarily kill, all the main characters: It speaks for itself.

13) A punishment system similar to the book: When you commit a crime, let it be handled as in the book. Give me a choice whether to go to a prison, or to clear my name with trial by combat! That would be awesome.

14) More action-packed battles: Let us actually swing the damn sword.

So that’s it. It would make a great game, don’t you agree?


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to want the game to be a open-world rpg just like skyrim or another similar game. What’s wrong with linear storylines and gameplay? Can’t games tell preconceived stories as well as books or films can?

    Great site by the way, most thought provoking gaming site I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work!

    • There’s nothing WRONG with linear stories and gameplay, I just think that an open world would be a much richer experience for ASOIAF.

      And thanks!

      • I haven’t actually read more than a few chapters of any of the books or done more than glance at the box of the game, so I’ll take your word for it.

        What’s with the pixel art next to my name BTW? Looks like the face of a clown with runny makeup!

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