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House 3 (Haunting: Starring Polterguy)

House 3 (Haunting: Starring Polterguy)

Today, I’d like to talk about a house.  There’s nothing extraordinary about it; it’s just a house in a world much like this one.  Though it was abandoned because it was said to be haunted, it was once owned by the wealthy Sardini family.  I don’t know who designed and furnished the house – perhaps it was the family, or perhaps it was an interior decorator – but whomever it was certainly had a unique sense of aesthetics.

As you walk in the front doors, which are simple frames with glass panels, you are greeted by an oddly shaped dark blue tile flooring, and a fountain with a tile backsplash against the wall.  Display tables in this foyer hold interesting objects, such as a large conch shell.  There is a long seat in here, as well, perhaps for guests to sit upon while they wait for a night out.  If you turn right at the fountain, and head through the adjoining living room, you will enter the dining room, which has light gray brick-like patterned carpeting, which complements all of the black furniture, including a lamp, a sink and counter, an octagonal table with white-seated chairs, and a couple of china cabinets.  The salmon-colored walls might seem a bit of a sharp contrast with the gray carpet, but they compliment the black very well on their own.  After all, at the time, many people thought pink and gray to go well together.

Next to the dining room is the kitchen, which has a very unique shade of dark mint green for its tile flooring and countertops.  The white cabinets compliment this green, but unfortunately, the whole atmosphere is thrown off by the red and white checkerboard tablecloth adorning the small kitchen table.  It would have looked much better in the adjacent living room, with its dark red carpet.  From this living room, you’ll find Tony’s room, which is done up in a similar green to that of the kitchen, with the carpet being slightly darker than the walls.  Tony’s a lucky boy, because through his room is the game room, which has a wood-colored carpet, which looks stunning with the dark blue walls and matching couch.  There are several activities to enjoy in here, including a pool table, with matching blue felt, a full stereo system, several arcade cabinets, and a basketball hoop, which is placed perplexingly over an aquarium.  Like the maroon-carpeted living room, this room has a gray door with vertical slots, which leads outside, likely to the back yard.

On the other side of the game room is the room of the apparently polka-dot-loving Mimi, whose floor and bedspread are covered with them.  She has an ample closet and a television, and the main colors at work here are white and light teal.  From her room, one can access the hallway, which is somewhat pale and has a mosaic painting as its only interesting feature.  From this hallway, many places can be reached, including the master bedroom, which has pleasant purple walls with a clashing brown carpet.  Perhaps the strangest thing about this room is the mirror that hangs over the bed.  The master bathroom is adjacent, and is done in dark purple tile.  It features a hot tub, a sauna, and a locker room-style shower, which seems odd for a married couple.

Also accessible from the master bedroom is the den, which has brown carpeting, and dark green walls.  There is a half-full bookshelf, a suit of armor, a piano, and the obligatory bearskin rug.  There is also a door leading outside from this room, right next to the fireplace.  Through the other door is the office, a dark teal painted room with gray and black square tile, black and tan furniture, and a cactus.  The whole ensemble, complete with matching computer and desk in tan, goes together very well, and the golf clubs stored in here are tied in by the large painting of a golfer hanging on the wall.  This room leads to both a bathroom and the hallway.  The bathroom has the same tile as the office, but in white, rather than gray.  There is a large hot tub in here, and some multi-pane windows, so one can look outside while enjoying a relaxing soak.

Next to the bathroom, strangely, is the garage, which is very large.  The family car takes up very little space relative to the size of the room, so that the boxes, water heater, tractor, bicycle, work desk, and table saw fit, while still retaining ample space.  A garage like this would be a dream for anyone who could use a workshop or even a laboratory.  The other side of the garage joins the main foyer, completing the circuit.

That I have used a house as an example of a beautiful world is a testament to the maxim that beauty can be found anywhere.  For a period of my youth, I made part of my living by delivering medicine to the elderly.  I used to love seeing the inside people’s houses.  You really never knew what the inside of a house would look like, and often it would be like an adventure in itself.  Sure, it might not be as exciting, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find it devoid of treasure.

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