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Ocean (Doraemon)

Ocean (Doraemon)

I’ve had quite a few bizarre adventures; some by the nature of the places I’ve visited, and others by circumstance.  I once met an unusual creature: it was like a blue, anthropomorphic cat with a pouch on its belly, who could fly by attaching a propeller to its head.  It has a couch that can travel through time and space, and it was by this piece of furniture that I began this particular adventure.  Due to the nature of our conveyance, I have no idea where – or when for that matter – we really ended up, but I can say with certainty that we were not anywhere I’d ever been before.  Before I knew it, I was swimming in the ocean.

Immediately, I realized that this was unlike any other ocean I’d seen.  The blue waters were nothing out of the ordinary – especially on such a bright, sunny day – but the auburn landscape turned a bright green as it sank below the waters.  There were a great many mountains under the water, and the ocean floor looked like lavender and cyan brain coral; perhaps it was.  I noticed two large gaps in this floor, and so I descended through them, eventually making my way through an area with underwater foliage and a yellow and green floor.  Beyond this was a deeper area with water that was a bit darker in color; it was more like a dark cyan.

The further down I went, the more the colors around me began to change.  There was an area with a gorgeous purple floor, surrounded by pretty blue rock walls.  This was the absolute deepest area where the water was still visible.  I descended into an area where everything was black, aside from the green rock walls.  I avoided the octopus’s nest below me, and slipped through a turquoise rock wall to find a strange alcove above me.  Aside from the skulls with candles sticking out of them, it was an unusual place in that one could jump out of the water and see daylight.  I simply cannot comprehend how such a thing was possible, especially this far down; perhaps it was merely an illusion.  Rising back out and traveling along the floor, I eventually reached a split in the path.  I took the high road, slipping through a purple rock wall into another unusual area.  There was an active undersea volcano just above another octopus’s nest, and above that was a dark room in which there was an air pocket.  This nest was the most bizarre of the three, since the giant octopus sat atop some light blue stones that had a red hue to them.

Returning to the split, I took the low road this time, which forced me deep into the planet, now relegated to black water areas.  I went through areas of green, blue, and even red rock.  The red rock area was the very deepest, and it had a pinkish volcanic floor.  Swimming through this burning horror – past a few more active volcanoes – I reached an ominous gate.  The gate itself appeared to be some sort of monster roaring down at me.  Ignoring this warning, I figured out how to open it and headed through.  What I saw next was completely unnatural.

I seemed to be in some sort of underwater temple.  The floor, walls, and ceiling were comprised of orange blocks with creepy faces carved into them.  There were some green pedestals with what appeared to be winged skills with talons upon them.  A gray column rose at the back of the chamber, and some little demons danced about.  These demons seemed like they were of another world; I’d describe them as imps crossbred with some of the most grotesque creatures the ocean floor has to offer.  Swimming up, I entered a similar room, this one entirely of dark blue.  As I pushed on, the features began to change subtly.  The faces were a bit different, and the heads atop the pedestals were a bit less skeletal and had fish-like fins, rather than wings.  They also went from amber to gray as I progressed.  Further still were blue heads, but these were almost reptilian, though they featured the same fins and talons as the others.  They seemed to become progressively more fleshed out, almost as if they were instructions for building some sort of organic horror that swims the deep.  At the very end was a cage suspended above two gray versions of these heads in a small chamber.  Of course, my mind was racing at this point, and all I could imagine was that this chamber was once used either for bioorganic experiments or some sort of ritualistic sacrifice; perhaps it was both.

It should be no surprise that I find beauty in the dark and horrific.  There’s just something special about moving through an area almost entirely in black; one in which you cannot see into the distance.  It might leave one to wonder how anything can be seen in a place so far removed from light, but it is really quite simple.  It’s like looking through a window to a twilit landscape: from a dark house, it is easy to see everything clearly, but turning on a single light inside will render the windows black, opaque panels.  So, using only your eyes, you can see better in this dark environment than if you were to bring in an artificial light source.  This little irony teaches a valuable life lesson; if you try to color your experiences to fit those with which you are familiar, you will experience nothing new; only a diluted version of what’s around you.  However, if you choose to embrace the unknown – and sometimes frightening – you will bring something new and wonderful into your life.

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