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Ring Man (After in Indonesia)

Ring Man (After in Indonesia)

Sometimes, when I lie down at night, I dream of the worlds I’ve visited.  So many beautiful landscapes flow through my thoughts as my body rests.  My mind is an unusual place, however; I have many shattered memories, and sometimes I get flashes of them out of context.  As my mind struggles to understand them, it works furiously, trying to fill in the blanks.  This activity sometimes happens as I sleep, and it affects my dreams.  I sometimes lose night after night of my sleep, because my mind is rapidly processing memories instead of resting.  All of these partial memories sometimes warp what I’m seeing in my dreams as my mind attempts to fill in the blanks, sometimes altering memories that are familiar to me.

I once had a dream of the futuristic world I’ve mentioned, but everything was different, as locations almost always are in my dreams.  It was almost like a representation of Indonesia, or so I imagine; I’ve never been there myself.  There’s a place for which I haven’t mentioned its real-world counterpart; it is an astronomical research facility.  The inside of the place is a massive planetarium; all of its walls had projections of outer space displayed upon them.  In my dream, however, the facility was much different.

I landed on an island of very high technology.  The ground was made of a greenish metal that I couldn’t identify, and the pillars and unusually-shaped street lights emerging from it were made of a bluish metal. I soon came to a wall made of the same metal, which had unusual patterns.  At this wall was an opening to a tunnel leading underground, where the facility was located.  This was unusual, because the facility’s real-world counterpart is high in the sky.

The first things that I saw were the platforms of rainbow light that were present in the real world, but in this dream, they’d managed to spill into other parts of the facility.  The deadly spiked spheres below glowed the same colors, and in unison.  In the distance, long, assumedly glass tubes with spheres in the middle pulsated from pitch black to bright purple and light blue.  Occasionally, a logo of some sort of large bird with a crest in its center would pulsate with them, though it was brighter than the aforementioned tube, reaching even white.  Further down was one of the most beautiful rainbows I’d ever seen.

The walls, floors, and ceilings were black, but with accents in that rainbow pulsation; I was surrounded by a cycling spectrum in otherwise complete darkness.  Strange, segmented pipes with rings at their zenith pulsated the same purple as the tubes in the distance.  Spherical lights with clawed bases hung from the ceiling, but they didn’t seem to put out much light other than the pale blue glow that enabled me to see them.  Perhaps they served some other purpose; this is even more likely when you consider that the bright colors of the surfaces themselves provided more than enough light for navigation.

Further in, I encountered the Spring Kings; gigantic mechanical springs that have their own intelligence, and act as security systems.  These also cycled through many colors, and in tune to the floors, though their eyes stayed the same red and white that they’d always been.  I was so taken by the beauty that I was almost caught in the expanding rings meant to disable intruders.  I managed to slip down through the bottom and outside into a stunning vista.  I was able to see glowing galaxies out in the night sky, and a pulsating city off in the distance.  The city itself seemed to pulsate in rhythm with the stars themselves, though they were rainbow colored.  This night skyline was unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

It is perhaps a bit saddening to think that such a beautiful world that I’d imagined was only a dream, but such ephemeral worlds are destined to vanish upon the dreamer’s awakening, at least in most cases.  Fortunately for me, I remember my dreams very vividly; in fact, I have quite a few childhood memories that never really happened, but were, in fact, dreams.  Had I the power, I’d create such worlds in reality that others may explore and enjoy them.  Perhaps now, you understand why I always say that not space, but the mind is the true final frontier.

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