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Sand Canyon 4 (Kirby’s Dream Land 3)

Sand Canyon 4 (Kirby’s Dream Land 3)

Dream Land is quite a lovely place, especially for inexperienced adventurers.  There is great beauty to behold, but it is relatively safe there.  There are so many things to see there, too; I’ve taken many trips and never did I see the same thing.  On the particular trip I’d like to mention today, I visited five different regions, one on each of the rays of Popstar.  I saw plains, ocean, clouds, an iceberg, and, of course, a desert known as Sand Canyon.

Sand Canyon is an interesting place; it seems like a typical desert at first glance, but it displays the true beauty of the sandy wasteland.  It’s rather diverse for a desert, too; sure, it has the usual dunes, and even a pyramid, but it also has high cliffs – it is a canyon, after all – and even an active volcano.  This all works together to make a very unique and stimulating experience.  You never know quite what you’re going to find when you go exploring.  My favorite place in Sand Canyon, however, isn’t anything specific; it seems like just another stretch of desert at first.

I made it there at sunset, something I’d always longed to see in the desert.  The pink skies and structures reminiscent of Stonehenge in the distance were a lovely backdrop for this perfect evening.  I stood upon a rocky surface at first, but as I journeyed onward, I stepped onto a hill of flowing sand that caused my weight to shift.  Slipping a bit, I regained my balance quickly and took a look down; the sand had darker spots within it, which are likely to have been a different kind of mineral.  Something compelled me to reach in and touch them, and they felt damp.  It was then that I’d noticed a few cacti; they were comprised of oblong segments with little round bumps of a lighter green upon them.  They seemed to be without thorns, but I’d already learned the hard way that the thorns on a cactus are not always clearly visible, so I didn’t try to touch them.

It wasn’t long before I came to a cliff of sorts with many spots of different colors upon it.  There was a hole cut into this cliff, which led to a small area with very little in it.  Exiting and moving further along the cliff, I came upon another rocky area, the dark brown spotted markings of which matched the tops of the cliff.  There were also spiraled stalagmites erupting from the ground that resembled the horns of unicorns painted brown.  I continued on until I was dropped into another area.

This new area seemed to be some sort of rock tunnel, but the walls had a lot of holes in them, which allowed me to see the sand dunes in the distance.  It seemed very strange to me, but not nearly as unusual as the next area.  I entered a series of tunnels made entirely of sand, but filled with water.  This made a lovely kaleidoscope of beiges, golds, and browns.  One of my favorite things about going to the beach is being packed in wet sand, and now, I was swimming through it!  I swam around in there for what must have been hours, eventually coming out in a small chamber when I’d decided to leave.  I exited this chamber to find myself in a small tunnel with a human child, who seemed lost.  The child began to follow me, and we traveled on together.

When we left the tunnels, the sun had completely set, and nights get very cold in the desert.  With my new companion clinging to me for warmth, I moved through dunes, which looked like a rippling ocean with their new blue coat.  The moonlight shone down on the land below, outlining the stone structures in the distance.  The cool desert air felt good on my skin after the long swim I’d had.  After a long walk, we came to a large, tightly packed dune with a hole cut into it.  Going inside, we found the mother of the child, who was elated to see us.  She thanked me for the reunion, and I continued my journey, finding a strange area with a checkerboard floor and blue and pale yellow platforms that formed a bridge of sorts.  It was the perfect ending to a lovely day!

Many think a desert to be nothing but an endless stretch of hot sand.  You can see many deserts and form the same opinion of them, and so it seems to be true.  However, the desert’s diversity lies not its length, width, and depth, but in time.  Throughout the day, you’ll experience not only an incredible range of colors, but also that the blistering heat gives way to chilling winds.  Like any good thing, you have to spend time with it to understand what makes it truly special.

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