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Sep. 20th – Last chance for Free Portal

Sep. 20th – Last chance for Free Portal

As some may have noticed, our feature Gaming on the House is celebrating “Portal Month,” where we look at a few freely available games that have contributed to the Portal experience. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to note that with thanks to Valve, the actual game Portal is in fact available for free download for a limited time on Steam… go figure!

And when I say limited time, I mean just that. Today (September 20th) is the last day, so grab it while you can; all you need is a registered Steam account (It’s perhaps worth noting that registration is free as well).

The release comes in conjunction with the realization by Valve that their games are able to contribute to the educational landscape, with classrooms using Portal and Portal 2 to help teach physics, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking skills. While it is certainly exciting to see what many consider to be a top-tier release for the current generation suddenly become freely available, it is perhaps even more exciting to see how the video games industry is recognizing the potential role of video gaming in the development of young minds outside of regular edutainment software. It’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too, if you don’t mind the entirely unplanned allusion to the game in reference.

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