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Slime Forest (Crusader of Centy)

Slime Forest (Crusader of Centy)

There is a kingdom known as Soleil that had a mysterious transformation after a long chain of natural disasters.  A perfect example of enduring the bad to reach the good, this kingdom now enjoys eternal peace.  The harmony is not just amongst the humans, but with the plants and animals as well.  Though only a small fraction of its full world, Soleil boasts a very diverse range of environments.  You’ll find, amongst the rivers, waterfalls, and giant lake, a tropical beach, a mountain range with a gigantic volcano, a desert, a snow-covered to the southeast, a valley that is not at all what it seems, and, of course, many forests.

In the northeast, just north of the Camellia Desert, is a forest called Iris, through which a river of lava flows, and the southernmost portion of Iris is a wonderful place known as the Slime Forest.  The Slime Forest is best identified by its discolored trees, which are easy to notice, even from afar, and its name derives from a number of families of amorphous blobs that make their residence there.  The canopy is thicker there than in any other forest I visited on the island.  There is certainly some kind of wonderful atmosphere within its trees; one that cannot adequately be described in words.

The transition from Iris’s verdant forest path to the Slime Forest is quite jarring.  The Slime Forest has no lush carpet of green grass; its floor has a geometric pattern like squares at forty-five degree angles, and is of a somewhat pale purple mirrored in the leaves of the trees there.  Such an unusual color makes the forest seem darker; cozier.  Crossing the large chasm at its entrance, one reaches a barricade of red-orange cylinders.  Beyond this barrier are small, round dots of color in the same red-orange, as well as a bright yellow, almost a chartreuse.  These resemble an old kind of candy, and are concentrated in certain areas.  I am uncertain as to what they actually were, but my guess would be that they are some form of lichen or fungus.

There are two houses here, one of which greatly resembles a cake; its gingerbread brown siding and white frosted roof with sweet looking red decorations upon it do little to deter this notion.  Its interior, however, is that of a normal house, and has an ornate green carpet with many intricate designs upon it.  The other house is completely fenced in, though a certain secret will grant you entry.  A witch lives here, and in her back room, there are two carpets – one red and one green – and what appear to be stained glass windows.  Scattered outside these houses are somewhat large structures of indeterminable purpose that resemble large, delicious cream sandwich cookies.

In the southeast corner of the forest, the round ground formations are arranged in a very specific way to make the pattern of a large star.  It is said that this star has a mystery of some sort, though I’ve been sworn to secrecy in that matter.  Heading west from it, across an elaborate field of the ground formations, one reaches a clearing to the north.  In this clearing is one lone tree of deceptively little significance, though one of the trees behind it is hollow, and serves as the dwelling for a mother slime and her four children.  Though they were timid at first, once they realize that I meant them no harm, they were very hospitable.

Back at the center of the southern edge of the forest, there are several red plates with orange buttons upon them.  These buttons do nothing when depressed, but serve as a warning that there is a large chasm ahead.  On the other side of that chasm is a peculiar sight: two very small fences in front of saplings; perhaps the witch had some fencing left over.

Forests, by definition, are thick biomes that have a great amount of large plant life.  That plant life often obscures some very strange structures.  Whether it be some sort of human dwelling or a natural formation, these are little treasures awaiting discovery.  Only by exploring every single nook and cranny can you be certain to find each and every one.  This makes it impossible to find everything in any given place, but that’s what makes adventuring so special: being able to recount these events to others, as I am doing now.  Perhaps some of them will even return to the area in an effort to find it themselves.  These moments are the ones you’ll remember amongst all of your many other adventures.

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