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Top 7 Anticipated Games of August 2011

Top 7 Anticipated Games of August 2011

This is the list of the games you should be looking for in the coming month, August. They might be interesting, great, or disappointing and bad, that can be seen when they actually get out. But here in Gaming Symmetry we believe these games will be important whether they are good and bad, and these will be the games we’ll be talking about in the coming month.

#7: Driver: San Francisco

A sandbox action driving game being developed by Ubisoft Reflections, Driver: San Francisco is set to be published by Ubisoft on PC,  PlayStation 3, Xbox  360, and Nintendo 3DS. There’s also a Wii version which is to be different from the other versions. the game continues the plot of Tanner and Jericho a few month after the events of Driv3r, when Tanner is in a coma after a crash and we follow his dream in the coma, with a different plot for Wii, centering around him avenging his dead partner. The gameplay employs a new feature called Shift which enables the gamer to mysteriously move from one car to another without getting out of the first car. The film director mode, which was absent from Parallel Lines, will also return, and players can share their videos online.

The two previous games in the series, Driv3r and Parallel Lines were bad games and very disappointing. This new games has promised to return to its roots, as Driver and Driver 2 were great games, and this has inspired high hopes among the fans of the series. Shift is a very strange feature and it might make or break the game. Let’s wait to see if this game will return the series to its correct lane or will continue the same failed tradition.

#6: Madden NFL 12

EA Sports follows its American Football series based on National Football League (NFL) and it will release it on every existing platform. 25 new players will be added to the game. You can perform Onside kicks easier and you may suffer from concussions, tackling and hits are now more realistic, and the developers claim that AI has been improved. You can customize your playbooks and  create your own team, and the personality of you players may change and affect the game.

Generally, it seems that the developers have tried to improve the game, make it more realistic and strategic and breath a new life into the series. If they deliver their promises this will be a game which can please NFL and sports games fans.

#5: Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is an action-strategy game, developed by ACE Team for PC, XboxLive and PSN. The game combines tower defense strategy with a rolling ball mechanic, you have to use a large stone boulder to attack the enemy’s castle and destroy it and at the same time use various strategies and obstacles to defend your own castle. You can control the aforementioned boulder and you can also upgrade it. The story mode of the game is loosely based on the myth of Sisyphus and it takes you through various levels. There are many historic time periods which you will explore while playing the game, including Ancient Greek, Medieval, Renaissance, Rococo and Goya, each with specific graphics corresponding to an art movement. The game is supported by Unreal Engine 3.

The game definitely sounds like fun, and very innovative. Let’s see if it can make it as big as other famous indie games!

#4: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

This game is already released in Japan, But we’re awaiting its American and European release on DS by Square Enix. It is the sequel to Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker and is the fifth game in the Dragon Quest Monsters series. The game features the same story with newer monsters and abilities. The gameplay is very similar to the previous games, as you go around taming monsters and then using them in combat. The game supports WiFi for the second time in the series. For the first time you can directly battle your friends in the game. The game has sold very well in Japan and it has been positively reviewed by Famitsu magazine.

There’s no mystery about this game. If you have liked the previous games in the series, you’ll like this one as well.

#3: Age of Empires Online

If you are a fan of Age of Empire series, this new installment is almost the same with one difference, and this is the fact that this time it’s an MMO, as you can say by looking at its name. It’s the standard RTS gameplay of the series but this time you need an internet connection and you’ll challenge real people online. It was originally being developed by Robot Entertainment, but on later it was announced that Gas Powered Games, the creators of Supreme Commander, had taken over production. The game will be published by Microsoft. The game will be a freemium game- free to play normally with the option of purchasing premium content.

#2: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

 The third game in the acclaimed FPS RPG series and a prequel to the original game. Good news for the fans of the original series, this game is going to return to its roots and create an experience similar to the original game. The gameplay, like the original, seems to be and is promised to be very deep, letting you to choose between five different gameplay modes (Combat, Stealth, Hacking, Exploration, Social). Each mode can be switched during any time and you are promised to be able to make such choices as you want. Augmentation is a name given to the leveling up in the game, and you unlike the previous games, due to the fact that it takes place before the other two, they are mechanical and not nano-technological. You can level yourself up in order to improve yourself in any of the aforementioned gameplay modes that you see fit. There are two important changes to previous games though. Firstly, your health regenerates automatically and secondly, the objects you can interact with are highlighted.

As this game seems to be a real great game, we’re really excited about it.

#1: No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

 An enhanced port usually doesn’t make it to a list like this, let alone to its number one spot. But this is no normal game, and no normal port. It’s No More Heroes, a Suda Goichi masterpiece, so far accessible only to Wii players, and now brought to a larger audience by being ported to PS3 and Xbox 360. It has already been released in Japan a year ago and it has met with success there, critically and commercially (selling even more than the Wii version). The game has changed some elements of the Wii version, for example, better graphics (HD graphics), it has added some more appealing (meaning sexier) clothing, and you can now store in your Dark Modes rather than having to use them immediately. More side-jobs and assassin missions are added, and you’re now able to revisit your battles. You can also retry your side-missions if you fail them, and of course, you’ll be able to fight with five bosses from the second game as well. The PS3 version will support PlayStation Move but it seems there will be no Kinect support. The European version will be censored but not the American version, showing once more that Europe has not imported a troublesome  invention called “the freedom of speech”.

Many upcoming games are a bit of a mystery, you might or might not be dissapointed when you buy them. However, this one is a sure proof-read masterpiece and a must-buy for all PS3 and X360 owners.


So that’s it! Go ahead and program your budget to buy the games on this list you think you might like. See you again with a similar list one month from now.

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  1. In August the only game I’m looking forward to is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ve never played any of the previous Deus Exes. (Is that the plural of Deus Ex?) But it looks pretty damn cool, kind of like Neuromancer in video game form or something.

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