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Wood Man (Adventures of Bass)

Wood Man (Adventures of Bass)

We’ll be discussing my favorite dream from the futuristic world of robots again today.  I may be overdoing it a bit, but we tend to revisit the memories we hold most dear, do we not?  Of course, my memories are inextricably tied into my dreams.  It is because they are so vivid – I have all four of the same senses in dreams that I do in life: sight, sound, taste, and touch – that I sometimes get them confused with reality.  So, while I may not have experienced them in body, they are no less my memories, nor are they any less places that I have visited in earnest.

I’ve already told you of both the factory and the dam.  While there are eight total outposts in this particular sector, I’ll be forgoing discussion of the skyway, the foundry, the construction site, and the laser research facility.  Today, I’ll be talking about the forest.  It is a strange place where some of the trees appear to be mechanical.  It certainly gives one cause to wonder why mechanical trees would exist, but perhaps they’re artificial oxygen generators that were made to blend in with nature in order to preserve a natural habitat, though it would be a nasty surprise for any woodpecker.

I began in an internal area of the forest, which is difficult to explain.  Even in the real world, this forest has areas that have a very strange, wavy, woodlike texture, almost as if you’re inside of a giant, hollowed-out tree.  In the real world, it looks this way due to the color, but here, it’s an emerald green.  I hesitate to call them underground, because while in the real world, you initially enter one via a downward ladder, it eventually takes you high above the treetops.  Whatever they are, I headed through this one until I reached its end.

I emerged into a glorious burst of autumn color when I reached the forest proper.  The green, wood-like ground was still beneath me, but the trees had leaves of a nearly indescribable color.  It was like a mix of orange, pink, and brown, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen, except in a dream.  It’s one of those things you see that makes you wonder if your dreams bring extra color receptors, much like a butterfly or mantis shrimp.  Just looking at them provoked a wonderful taste in my mouth, and a scratching sound in my ears, though I’ll chalk that up to my synaesthesia.  At any rate, the grass was the exact same color, contrasted with the emerald ground beneath.  All of this had a lovely backdrop of jet black, due to the thickness of the forest canopy.

It wasn’t long before I found a ladder leading downward, much like in the forest’s real-world counterpart.  I descended its rungs, coming out in a series of internal chambers that had such intriguing shapes.  I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but there was something very picturesque about them.  I made my way over chasms that appeared to be bottomless, even having to leap to a ladder above one of which.  Reaching the zenith of this internal area, I moved forward, only to have my breath stolen yet again.

I emerged in a more external area, this time high above the treetops.  I’d seen this in the real world, but this was just extraordinary!  The color of the leaves below me and the thin bamboo platforms that prevented my grizzly death coupled wonderfully with the almost periwinkle skies that seemed to go on forever.  It was like a beautiful sunny afternoon, a hazy Summer day in an old seaside town, and an autumn sunset all rolled into one, and it almost caused me to lose my balance.  I made my way out from under the internal area’s ceiling, sat down upon one of the bamboo platforms, dangling my legs over the side, and spent what seemed like hours staring into this impossible scene.  It was like almost all of my favorite atmospheric conditions all at once; something perhaps only I could have dreamt.  When I finally got up, I moved forward to a ladder descending into another internal area, staring back out as I went down.

After making my way through a large vertical zigzag, I dropped out into another external wooded area.  While it wasn’t very different from the first wooded area I’d entered, it seemed to have a different perspective.  I felt like I’d just dropped into a cozy couch just after a long day of swimming.  With this feeling in my body, the leaves now felt almost fuzzy, wrapping me in a comfort that I don’t often feel.  I made my way to the control chamber, smiling with my eyes almost shut as I went, and with that, the dream shifted to another area.

While the forests of this world are very special, the forests of other worlds have features of which we could never dream.  In fact, the closest I can get to the internal areas of this forest would be a strange hole in a forest near my childhood home that I’d always imagined to be the nest of some species of gigantic wasps, though I never did find out what it was.  The closest experience I have to the bamboo platforms is climbing onto the roof of my house and looking out over the treetops.  Neither of these even come close to what I’d seen in this partially artificial forest.  It just goes to show that no matter how well you think you know something, there are always new takes or perspectives that you could never have considered, and exploring them is always worthwhile.

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